Kiddo Smart Windows app - is the best way to develop young minds. Parents select kid's age, lingual and learning preferences, and Kiddo Smart picks appropriate content by using our magic algorithms, constantly adjusting choices to ensure personalized kid's development!

The content library has over 50,000 learning activities, videos and games from established publishers. Our editorial team is constantly reviewing and adding the best content.

In addition, with Kiddo Smart reports parents can watch kid's development over time and compare it with other kids by age and country.

Easybits Kids – develops and distributes our award winning children's software, Magic Desktop. Currently installed on more than 150 million computers worldwide and enjoyed by millions of parents and children every day.
Magic Desktop - is an operating System specifically designed for children aged 2 to 10! It provides a safe way to share computers with children and functions as an operating system that is both child–proof and child–friendly. Magic Desktop's key features include: Parental Control, Safe Internet and E-mail, No Homework – No Play, Play & Learn, games, and much more. With the growing importance of computing in our everyday lives, Magic Desktop is truly a must-have for every family!
GameXN – has been operating the Skype Games Channel from the very beginning; it has developed and distributes over 30 multi-player and tournaments games. With over 190 million game downloads to date, our popular games are played by millions of users every day. GameXN also developed the Extras Manager platform for Skype which runs the DRM (Digital Rights Management) system for the Extras services and currently serves more than 500 million DRM accounts.
EdSys – develops and distributes the Inspirus platform, our educational desktop that provides a safe and controlled computing environment for school and at home. Exclusively distributed with the Intel Classmate PC ( and part of the Intel Learning Series core stack, EdSys offers full classroom collaboration features and tools. The Intel Learning Series is a complete solution that effectively supports 1:1 eLearning at school - a cost-efficient investment in the future.
Smiling Giant – develops and distributes the Voozie greetings program. Voozies are a brand new medium for personal messages - a medium that allows you to share photos, attach voice recordings, add music, and do so much more. Best of all, it keeps these files small, for easy Voozie-sending. A Voozie can uniquely express your gratitude, forgiveness, congratulations, or any other emotion! Your Voozie is also delivered by a special postman character which is picked by you and whose moods and actions you control.
JumboFox – is dedicated to the provision of high quality, easy to use digital content while protecting the intellectual property rights of the content publisher. JumboFox provides content services to a worldwide market of educational and corporate clients with 27 languages supported.
Course Right – is an educational content and assessment tool that was custom built to solve many of the challenges faced by educational assessment today. Build or buy educational content … deliver formative assessment … administer summative tests … and manage student progress for a course, a grade, or their entire educational career, with the same tool. Sounds impossible? That's just because everyone else is building pieces of the solution.
Easybits Active – is our latest initiative to bring senior citizens to the world of technology, computers and the Internet. In a unique and user friendly way, the Easybits Active shell will help any senior or beginner to start using a computer in minutes. Easybits Active has built in a number of services that will make every day a little bit easier and more fun. We plan to launch Easybits Active in Q1 2011.
Creative Things – develops and distributes Creative Studio, a starter office suite designed for young students. Word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing, slideshows and sketching. Creative Studio can do it all. Simple and easy to use, it has all the features schools and students need. Creative Studio includes 5 programs: Creative Words, Creative Slides, Creative Calc, Creative Sketch and Creative Paint.
Easybits Quick & Blue Dolphin – are simplified shells overlaying the Windows desktop that provide stylish and easy access to programs through bigger icons and simplified navigation. These platforms where specifically developed for small touch screens such as Netbook and Slate computers. Easybits Quick and Easybits Blue Dolphin are highly customizable applications via GUI interfaces and offer users fast one-click access to the most frequently needed applications and tools on a PC. These programs also provide an extremely user-friendly, finger-friendly, intuitive, and fun way to use computers.