Easybits Active delivers simple but sophisticated computing for seniors: a complete solution:

  • Software that gives seniors all the programs and applications they need, wrapped in a simple, consistent user interface.
  • Hardware that is simple to set up and easy to use, even with sight or physical challenges.
  • Integrated services that manage the necessary but challenging tasks for seniors like maintenance, backup, and security.
  • Trusted partners who deliver the solution to seniors.

Easybits Active provides the perfect system for seniors, and presents it all via a unified interface overlaying Windows 7.

It’s color-coded for simplicity, and consistent with all bundled applications. Plus, it’s adaptive … adjusting as users become more proficient.

Not only does it include all major applications, it also provides a video tutor, which seniors can use to learn more about using their PC.


If you are an OEM, service provider, or see seniors as a significant market, we’d like to talk about partnership opportunities.

Contact us to learn more and explore opportunities.